The Bright Heart Approach

As scientific research demonstrates, the mind has greater capability and performance when anchored by positive emotional states1.Our tuition approach is further supported by the work of psychologist Carl Rogers2, who developed the person-centred approach and the idea of self-actualisation to fulfil one’s full potential.

We have found our tuition approach to be particularly helpful for those students lacking confidence and motivation, not quite ‘clicking’ in traditional classrooms or those with special educational needs (SEN).

  • Heart Connection
  • Trust
  • Apply Intellectual Abilities
  • Confidence
  • Self-actualisation
  • Stability

The Bright Heart Approach is an investment in the whole student. It aims to generate self-belief and positively impact how the student approaches learning.This is a longer-term approach with the purpose to be a bridge towards self-sufficiency. Often struggling students have self-limiting thought patterns, and focusing purely on the intellectual side of the person when tutoring is unlikely to surpass these boundaries.  By successfully increasing self-esteem and motivation, a pathway to improved academic performance is provided.

There is strong alignment between our approach and person-centred education, as described in the SEND Code of Practice 0 to 25 (2014), which applies to England.  Our tutors are provided with guidance and on-going training in order to implement the Bright Heart Approach, which includes training in this Code.