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nasen Online Training Course for Bright Heart's tutors​

Please click on one of the videos below to access the relevant nasen training webcast. We suggest initially watching the webcasts in chronological order. Please note that the webcasts are provided exclusively for Bright Heart’s tutors, so please maintain the confidentiality of your login details. These videos add up to an hour in length and are divided across four areas to provide you with suitable context, knowledge and tools when working with students.

Video 1: The current context of SEND

This provides a brief overview of the legislative context of SEND in the UK, the key principles of the Code of Practice (2015), followed by the models of disability. The current definition of SEND is also discussed.

Video 2: The 4 broad areas of need

This covers the four main divisions of SEND according to student need, the graduated approach and general strategies to consider for students with SEND.

Video 3: Person-centred working

This video defines person-centred working and how it should inform all interaction with students. This should be used in conjunction with the Bright Heart Approach, which focuses on the whole student and building rapport with warmth, before addressing academic needs.

Video 4: Specific needs and strategies

This webcast provides a good examination of dyslexia, autism and SEMH (social, emotional and mental health) needs in students. Understanding these needs and considering related strengths and appropriate strategies should help to enrich your tutoring. Lastly, general strategies of engagement are discussed to add to your tutoring toolbox.

nasen Online Training Course Test

Please take the test (by clicking on the link below) once you have watched the entire nasen Online Training Course. This enables Bright Heart to verify that you have fully understood the contents of the training course.

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