Autism Spectrum Condition: Specialist tutors in London

Autism spectrum condition (ASC) is a lifelong, developmental condition that affects how someone communicates with and relates to other people and how they experience the world around them, including impacts on interests and behaviour. Autistic students share certain difficulties which may include learning challenges, mental health issues, speech and communication issues and anxiety.

In general, autistic people can find the world overwhelming due to sensory overload, as well as problems interpreting the emotional behaviour of other people. Autistic people can often appear normal, but their perceptions of the world can differ greatly. The statistics indicate that more boys have autism, but research shows that this may be due to boys having easier to identify symptoms.

Previously, Asperger’s Syndrome was defined as a separate condition; however, this is now seen as being covered by the spectrum covering all forms of autism. We understand that many parents have grown familiar with the Asperger’s Syndrome categorisation with many individuals seeing it as part of their identity. 

Asperger’s Syndrome students are of average or higher intelligence and do not have general learning difficulties, but rather more specific learning issues. They can have highly specialised interests, as well as trouble understanding and processing language.

As with all SEN, early diagnosis is beneficial for adjusting to this condition and creating environments where the student feels more at ease. Care must also be taken with misdiagnosis when other SEN could be present, e.g. labelling dyspraxia and ADHD as autism.

Our tutors are provided with guidance and training to help them when providing tuition to students with special educational needs, including those with ASC. In accordance with the person-centred Bright Heart Approach, tutors are required to adjust their tutoring to the specific learning needs of each student.

How our SEN tutors approach students with Autism

Since each student under this spectrum can be very different, it is difficult to provide specific advice, although the learning environment will be very important. Our tutors will make sure to prepare the student in advance for any new things or changes, resources will be provided that support the way the student works. Where needed tutors will simplify the language they use, for example by avoiding metaphors and will make sure to give clear and precise instructions.