National Tutoring Programme (NTP)

We are an accredited NTP Tuition Partner offering a more nurturing approach. We help students with special educational needs (SEN) and those who have fallen behind at school.

We offer in-person tuition in London and online tutoring nationwide using experienced, suitably qualified local tutors.

Why choose Bright Heart?

We are an award-winning specialist SEN tutoring agency. 

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Our NTP tuition fees for 2023/24, which apply to all subjects and year groups, are as follows:

Group size In-person fee
per pupil / hr*
Online fee
per pupil / hr*
1 to 1 £53.50 £48.20
1 to 2 £29.43 £26.48
1 to 3 £20.60 £18.54
1 to 4 £16.22 £14.60
1 to 5 £13.63 £12.26
1 to 6 £11.92 £10.73
Group size In-person fee per pupil / hr (£)* Online fee per pupil / hr (£)*
1 to 1 £53.50 £48.20
1 to 2 £28.10 £25.30
1 to 3 £19.63 £17.67
1 to 4 £15.38 £13.85
1 to 5 £12.84 £11.56
1 to 6 £11.15 £10.03

* Fees stated before VAT @ 20%, which is added to all fees, but is fully recoverable. 

NTP tutoring - Bright Heart Education - Primary Literacy

School tutoring case studies

Read a Schools Week article which discusses some of Bright Heart’s successful school tutoring programmes.

In addition, the article discusses phase 1 of Ofsted’s tutoring review, noting that strong tutoring depends on several important factors, including:

NTP Funding

Mainstream schools receive minimum NTP funding of £67.50 per PP-eligible pupil.

Non-mainstream schools (including SEND units of mainstream schools) receive £176.25 per PP-eligible pupil.  

Schools can allocate this funding to pay for 50% of any tutoring costs incurred for 2023/24. 

Funding is capped as follows:

confidence and self-awareness

NTP funding

Mainstream schools receive ring-fenced NTP funding of £162 per PP-eligible pupil.

Non-mainstream schools (including SEND units of mainstream schools) receive £423 per PP-eligible pupil.  

Schools can allocate this funding to pay for 60% of any tutoring costs incurred. 

Funding is capped as follows:

Boy with SEN with improved confidence following Bright Heart tutoring


  • You can contact us on 0208 064 3800 or complete the enquiry form and we can then onboard you directly.
  • We provide a simple-to-use tuition management system (no need to load programmes on a tuition hub).
  • Key stage 1 – English, Maths and Science
  • Key stage 2 – English, Maths and Science
  • Key stage 3 – English, Humanities, Maths, Modern Foreign Languages and Science
  • Key stage 4 – English, Humanities, Maths, Modern Foreign Languages and Science
  • We work with experienced, suitably qualified and caring local tutors with a passion for helping students who have fallen behind at school and may have learning challenges.
  • Tutors are thoroughly vetted and trained, and carefully matched to pupils.
  • We follow a rigorous recruitment process to contract suitably qualified tutors who demonstrate the necessary expertise and softer skills.
  • Most candidates do not pass our stringent requirements.
  • Our safer recruitment policy (published on our website) provides a detailed overview of this process.
  • Tutors receive comprehensive induction training.
  • Tutors also receive specific refresher training on school procedures before a school assignment and on-the-job and ad hoc training.
  • Induction training includes safeguarding, our tutoring approach, and a SEN / person-centred training course provided by nasen (the National Association of Special Educational Needs).
  • Tutors must pass tests on safeguarding and the nasen course.
  • John Salmon, a former head teacher, leads training.
  • Ryan Stevenson, a company director, is the senior account manager for school relationships. He is supported by a client manager.
  • Our senior education specialist, John Salmon, has overall responsibility for NTP tutoring.
  • Baseline data is requested for pupils and their peers (on an anonymised basis), which is updated periodically.
  • We use this to evaluate pupils’ performance against objectives and amend tutoring programmes where appropriate.
  • This is overseen by the education specialist assigned to the school.
  • Tutors also provide feedback in lesson reports and record each session in our tuition management system.
  • Schools are allocated funding which they must use on NTP tutoring (any of the 3 types of subsidised tuition) in the 2022/3 year or lose the funding.
  • As an example, a mainstream school with 100 PP-eligible pupils will receive £16,200 of funding. If the school selected Bright Heart to provide 15 hours of 1:3 in-person tutoring for 20 pupils, Bright Heart would invoice the school £5,889 ex-VAT (£19.63/hr), and the school could use £3,240 (capped at 60% of £18/hr) of the NTP funding for the invoice. 

Please call Ryan or John on 0208 064 3800 for more information.

NTP Leader

John Salmon – Director and senior education specialist

Literacy & Numeracy Teacher
Literacy & Numeracy Teacher

John is an experienced teacher and former headteacher with an MA in Education (1st class). John oversees NTP tutoring and tutor training.

John is a qualified teacher with over 15 years of teaching experience. He has taught English and Spanish from primary to university level and tutored students in numerous subjects and was an SAT and Cambridge FCE tutor for several years. John has also been a head teacher, a position he used to implement many new extra-curricular activities to empower pupils. John became a Bright Heart tutor in 2018 and has had a very positive impact on his students. He was appointed as a Director in January 2020 and became a full-time employee in April 2020. John is Bright Heart’s Designated Safeguarding Lead.

John holds a Master of Arts degree in Education, Concentration in Educational Leadership, from Framingham State University, Massachusetts (1st class) and a BA in Literature and Linguistics (1st class) from Universidad Nacional, Heredia. 

John has vast experience tutoring students with special educational needs (SEN).  As an administrator, he has successfully managed and evaluated several programmes for the inclusion of students with special learning needs into mainstream classrooms. He has embraced the person-centred Bright Heart philosophy to instil in his students a love of learning. John is the father of a young boy.

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  • The NTP is a government-funded scheme to support schools by providing access to high-quality tutoring to help pupils whose education has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Schools can access support in the 2023/24 academic year through three pillars: Tuition PartnersAcademic Mentors; or School-led Tutoring.
  • As an NTP Tuition Partner, Bright Heart can support schools through the Tuition Partners pillar.
  • The School-led pillar cannot be used for external organisations in 2023/24 (but only for the school’s own tutors, consistent with 2022/23).
  • All NTP tuition partners have undergone stringent Quality Assurance and Accreditation checks across 14 categories, including excellence in tutoring impact and delivery, high-quality tutors, safeguarding and value for money.
  • Award-winning London-based SEN-focused tutoring agency
  • Run by a very experienced team, including a former headteacher
  • Our heart-based approach, which emphasises patience, acceptance and warmth, is especially effective in helping students catch up
  • Key focus on English, Maths & Science, but cover many other subjects
  • Offer 1:1 and small-group tuition for Primary, KS3, GCSE & A-level pupils
  • In-person tutoring in London and parts of Surrey and online tutoring nationwide and internationally
  • Accredited NTP Tuition Partner
  • Clients include families, schools and local authorities.

Our unique tutoring methodology, the Bright Heart Approach, puts into practice what we have observed across a wide range of students. This more nurturing approach is based on our experience that effective tutoring connects on a deeper level to achieve longer term stability and success, compared to focusing purely on intellectual abilities.

We take the time to fully understand a school’s requirements. Our experienced tutors implement our nurturing approach when teaching at schools.