Code of Conduct

Bright Heart adheres to The Tutors’ Association (TTA) Code of Professional Practice for Organisational and Individual Members:

Organisational and Individual members:

  1. Shall conduct their business at all times in such a way as to bring credit to the tutoring profession and to the Association.
  2. Shall take no action that deliberately injures the business, reputation, or interest of fellow member organisations, other than activities accepted as normal competitive business practice.
  3. Shall, at all times, act honestly in their professional dealings with clients (actual and potential), tutors and employees.
  4. Shall provide their tutors, with an appropriate and fair contract in respect of the assignment(s) they are about to undertake.
  5. Shall ensure that they or their tutors are suitably qualified for the assignment allocated to them.
  6. Shall ensure that where the tutor is tutoring children that the tutor holds a current DBS certificate. Current is defined as not more than three years old.
  7. Shall when collecting monies on behalf of self-employed tutors acknowledges that the member is required to use all endeavours to collect funds from the client promptly and accepts that it has a duty of care to protect the tutor from delay or shortfall in payment. Organisational Members have the option to exercise their discretion and pay a tutor even in the absence or delay in payment from
    a client and should consider suspending tuition if there is any unreasonable delay by a client in paying an account by its due date. An Organisational Member is entitled, however, to take into account any issue raised by a client over the quality of the tuition provided by the tutor in exercising that discretion.
  8. Shall ensure that there are proper and appropriate feedback procedures between the client, tutor and the organisation.
  9. Shall protect their tutors from any client behaviour deemed unreasonable or simply malicious.
  10. Shall not, knowingly or recklessly, disseminate any false or misleading information, either on their behalf or on behalf of anyone else.
  11. Shall keep up to date with developments in tutoring pedagogy and practice, curriculum and qualifications in order that they might diligently support the professional practice of tutoring.
  12. Shall respect the confidentiality of all business information which comes into their possession, except from those persons entitled to receive it and unless it is illegal to do so.
  13. Shall promote and seek business in a professional and ethical manner, being careful to avoid creating any unhealthy dependencies by suggesting a need for tutoring where no such need exists; accurately informing prospective clients as to the level of qualification and experience of tutors assigned them, and their location; and giving them a clear understanding of the workings of any assessment tools used.
  14. Shall not claim the Association’s endorsement in connection with any activity unless it has its prior written approval to do so.
  15. Shall have regard for, and comply with, all the relevant laws of the country in which they are operating.
  16. Shall observe this Code as it may be expanded and annotated and published from time to time and brought to their attention in TTA communications by the Ethics Committee.
  17. Shall be subject to the complaints procedure and the authority of the Association’s disciplinary committee.