Homeschooling tutors in London & Surrey

Home-schooling tutors in London & Surrey

Our tailored approach to homeschooling gets results.

Your child will receive a free assessment and individual learning plan to cover the national curriculum. Our experienced, carefully vetted private tutors can deliver the learning plan in your home or online.

One of our experienced education specialists will address concerns and put in place a structured plan to work best with the specific learning needs and personality of your child. Our homeschooling provisions are overseen by a former head teacher, who will work closely with your selected tutor to achieve the learning objectives.

For some children, homeschooling is much more effective than being limited to the classroom, as they can thrive with engaging, tailored lessons and work at their own pace in a safe, flexible learning environment.

How we can help your child with homeschooling

A homeschooling case study - putting it all into practice

We were approached by a family 4 months before GCSE exams to help their son with homeschooling. His GCSEs were English, Maths, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Geography, Spanish, English, History and PE. Some of these exams had coursework and oral requirements. This was a stressful situation for them based on the short period available to find a solution and the range of subjects required.

1. Free in-person assessment

After meeting with the parents and student in person we had an in-depth discussion about the subjects required and the exam boards. We also discussed the student’s interests and particular learning style, found out the types of teachers he got on well with, and took the time to fully understand his specific learning needs

2. Providing a team of well-matched tutors

Based on this detailed understanding of the student’s specific requirements, we were able to quickly identify the 3 tutors that we felt were the best fit and could cover all of his subjects. The client was happy with our tutor proposals and received a free trial lesson with each tutor. There was good rapport and ease in the learning relationship, resulting in the client proceeding with all 3 tutors. 

3. Delivering the homeschooling tuition programme

A schedule was created to work with their son’s sporting commitments while allowing suitable breaks in between lessons. Lesson times were adjusted when needed. Homework was planned to fit in the schedule – this included revision based on work covered and suitably challenging exam-standard questions. Tutoring was adjusted to cater for his specific learning needs through increased verbal discussion, coloured notes and visual aids such as YouTube videos. Tutors’ nasen training was a big help in tailoring the tuition appropriately for his needs.

4. On-going review and evaluation

Each tutor provided lesson reports after each session, available online to the client. These enabled the client to track their son’s progress. Lesson reports were also closely monitored by Bright Heart’s directors to ensure that tuition was on track and that any necessary changes could be discussed and implemented quickly. As the exams got closer the tutors shifted to revision mode to enable proper review and evaluation of what he had learned. 

experienced homeschooling tutor
We take pride in providing carefully matched tutors
experienced homeschooling tutor
We take pride in providing carefully matched tutors
planning GCSE exam revision
Organisation and planning are important for homeschooling

-> Great results and a very happy family

Over the course of the homeschooling programme, the one-to-one attention from well-matched tutors allowed the student to blossom and gain confidence, including the ability to think independently and evaluate content critically. He experienced a transformation not only in academic readiness, but also in self-esteem. The student achieved GCSE grades that exceeded the family’s expectations and he has now progressed to A Levels.

Bright Heart Education - Outstanding!!! What can I say! Ryan, Emily and Haris are and were amazing when we had them to tutor our Son. We had Bright Heart for 4 months and they turned a boy who wasn’t very confident in his work, into a boy who is now very confident and who worked hard with Ryan, Emily and Haris. All three tutors covered all of our Son’s GCSE subjects. I believe that my Son has achieved more by being tutored by Bright Heart. He felt confident in his preparation of his exams and as a result didn’t leave any question unanswered in his exam papers. In the past he would’ve left the question and wouldn’t have tried. I would always recommend Bright Heart Education, trust me they can and do make all the difference. I will miss all three coming to the house. As I said at the beginning OUTSTANDING!!!"

What makes us great at homeschooling