Dyscalculia: Specialist tutors in London

Dyscalculia affects about 5 – 6 % of students - they will have significant challenges with maths and other numerical subjects. They often process numbers in a way quite different to their peers which may include using their fingers. This SEN is also related to dyslexia. Foundational number skills are often missing, presenting problems as mathematical based subjects increase in complexity as the student gets older.

Numerical processing uses symbolic and non-symbolic forms of numbers, numerous cognitive and sensory pathways, working memory, auditory and visual processing. If one or more of these requirements are hindered, maths will become an increasing struggle.

Some indications of dyscalculia:

Other SEN which may be present include dyslexia, ADHD and dyspraxia.

Our tutors are provided with guidance and training to help them when providing tuition to students with special educational needs, including those with dyscalculia. In accordance with the person-centred Bright Heart Approach, tutors are required to adjust their tutoring to the specific learning needs of each student.

How our SEN tutors approach students with Dyscalculia

Tutors will provide a lot of practice for new skills or concepts, they will also use written rather than verbal instructions and questions. Work will be broken down into manageable pieces. Tutors will make learning as active and fun as possible, avoiding spending too much time on drilling of arithmetic facts.