Online Tutoring

Our tutors are provided with guidance on implementing our heart-based approach online. 

Tutors are provided with access to a user-friendly online tuition program, which allows for video / audio conferencing, a digital whiteboard, screen sharing, file uploading and many other helpful features. See below for a screenshot.

An online tuition case study

One of our Maths tutors has been providing tuition to a student in Switzerland for the last 5 months. Through preparing ahead and being aware of current class topics, online lessons have been effective for revision and practice. Problems were discussed on our online whiteboard (as seen below) and homework was uploaded and marked. The student found this helpful and she also enjoyed the online rapport with the Bright Heart tutor. The Google review from this family can be seen below.

Highly recommend Bright Heart. Their tutor helped our 13 year old daughter with weekly maths lessons to improve her grade. These lessons helped with exam preparation and homework. Prompt lesson feedback was also very useful. She has had a significant improvement in her grades since starting with Bright Heart."

Norma Taylor, Switzerland
online tuition by Bright Heart Education
Online tutoring with Bright Heart
A screenshot of Bright Heart's online tutoring system (provided via TutorCruncher) - with Ryan shown as both the tutor and student for illustrative purposes.