Online tutoring for SEN & students who need a nurturing approach

Our experienced and fully vetted tutors deliver our heart-based tuition online using a secure platform.

We provide a free consultation to provide a well-matched tutor and a free trial lesson to make sure the tutor is a great fit.

How we can help your child with online tuition

While we have traditionally focused on in-person tuition, our caring private tutors are increasingly using online tuition due to social distancing with much success. Unlike many online-focused agencies, we work with a smaller pool of tutors who we get to know well – this allows us to carefully match a tutor that is best suited to your child.

While online tuition may not be the preferred option for all students – including some of our students with special educational needs (SEN) – it has been effective during lockdown and may continue to be the preferred solution thereafter. Some students find in-person social interaction awkward and feel more comfortable online, while others enjoy using technology and find this an exciting and convenient method of learning. 

student learning online with tutor

Our tailored process is equally well suited to online tuition:

An online tuition case study

We were approached by a family in Switzerland to help their daughter. She needed extra support understanding certain key mathematical concepts (Key Stage 3 equivalent).

After properly understanding her specific requirements, we matched her with one of our experienced maths tutors. Through careful preparation, including becoming familiar with her class topics, the tutor was able to provide a tailored online tuition program that included revision and practice. Problems were discussed using an online whiteboard and homework was uploaded and marked. The student found this helpful and enjoyed the rapport with the Bright Heart tutor.  Tuition has taken place weekly over a 5-month period, with a big improvement seen by her happy family:

Highly recommend Bright Heart. Their tutor helped our 13 year old daughter with weekly maths lessons to improve her grade. These lessons helped with exam preparation and homework. Prompt lesson feedback was also very useful. She has had a significant improvement in her grades since starting with Bright Heart."

online tuition by Bright Heart Education

Our premium online tuition program

We offer online tuition using a program called Bramble. This is a platform which has been specifically designed for providing students with online tuition. It has a number of helpful features and advantages, including: 

online tutoring session with Bramble
A screenshot of Bright Heart's online tutoring platform (Bramble) showing a shared GCSE Maths example