Bespoke Home Education Tuition

Private one-to-one Home Education tuition using excellent, experienced teachers. Tutors are carefully matched to students. Tuition is tailored to help your child realise their potential.

Why choose Bright Heart?

We help students who would benefit from a more nurturing approach and strive to ensure their unique needs are met.

How our tutors help students in Home Education

  • Adjust to the learning style and any specific needs of the student
  • Analyse the student's current level with respect to any syllabus gaps
  • Follow a tuition program to complete the curriculum and revision in time for any exams
  • Proceed with a graduated approach to adapt the tutoring sessions as needed
  • Provide detailed feedback to parents through lesson reports
  • Structure lesson appropriately for the student's requirements

Find out more about home education by referring to one of our recent blogs – Home Education Report or The Rise of Home Education – or chat to us directly.

Further information on Bright Heart

  • Bright Heart was founded by Dr Ryan Stevenson and Simon McQueen
  • Our heart-based approach, which emphasises patience, acceptance and warmth, is especially effective in helping students in Home Education
  • Key focus on English, Maths and Science, but cover many other subjects
  • Primary, 11+, KS3, GCSE and A-level tutors
  • We focus on SW London, but offer tuition across London and parts of Surrey
  • Let us know how we can help you
  • Receive a free consultation so we can properly understand the student’s unique needs
  • We recommend one of our excellent tutors
  • Register and receive a free 1-hr lesson to make sure the selected tutor is a great match
  • Book a lesson package
  • Receive heart-based tuition to help realise your child’s potential and monitor progress using our tuition management system

Our unique tutoring methodology, the Bright Heart Approach, puts into practice what Ryan has observed across a wide range of students. This more nurturing approach is based on our experience that effective tutoring connects on a deeper level to achieve longer term stability and success, compared to focusing purely on intellectual abilities.

We believe in ensuring tutors are suitably prepared for meeting students’ unique learning needs. Our training relationship with nasen (National Association of Special Educational Needs) helps to achieve this.

We believe that establishing good rapport with students is essential for successful tuition. We therefore provide a first lesson free to clients to ensure our carefully matched tutors are indeed a great fit.

  • Once-off registration fee of £25 (after current 50% discount)
  • First 1-hr lesson with a tutor is free (registration fee refundable if don’t proceed)
  • Primary, 11+, KS3 and GCSE tuition from £50/hr
  • A-level tuition from £60/hr

Heart-based approach 

Primary, KS3, GCSE & A-level

One-to-one tutoring

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