Heart-based tuition to help your child shine

Our carefully matched and trained tutors focus on the unique needs of each student. Tutors build rapport and confidence with warmth for long-term success. We help students lacking confidence or motivation and those with special educational needs (SEN).

Is your child experiencing the following?

  • Struggling in the classroom, yet unrealised potential
  • Lacking confidence and motivation,
    and perhaps self-esteem
  • Not having their unique learning needs met in a busy school environment
  • Suffering anxiety in school and before exams
  • Bored and philosophically opposed to mainstream schooling
  • Battling with homework and possibly ‘slipping through the cracks’

If this sounds like your child, finding them a great tutor will really help build their confidence and realise their potential. Check our How It Works page to see how our tuition could work for your child – we cover primary to A-level.

We help students realise their potential

Students work towards a place of inner confidence and self-awareness to achieve improved subject performance and longer term stability.

  • Our tutors are trained in our unique Bright Heart Approach, which affirms the individual and meets them where they stand
  • Our tutors are trained to understand the individual learning needs of students, supported by our training relationship with nasen (National Association of Special Educational Needs).
  • Our tutors are screened, interviewed and background checked
  • Our tutors are incentivised to provide quality tuition and feedback