Online ADHD Tutoring

Private one-to-one online tuition with experienced, specialist ADHD tutorsTutors are carefully matched to students. Tuition is tailored to help your child realise their potential.

  • Our philosophy and tuition approach, the ‘Bright Heart Approach’, are geared towards helping students who would benefit from a more nurturing approach to tuition
  • We take the time to properly understand our students’ specific requirements to carefully match them to an appropriate tutor
  • Our quality tutors are carefully screened to ensure they have the necessary experience, expertise and caring nature to provide effective SEN tuition
  • We provide our tutors with exclusive online training through nasen (National Association of Special Educational Needs), which is complemented by in-person training

How our private online tutors help students with ADHD

  • Tutors provide online notes as well as giving instructions verbally
  • The online environment helps students with ADHD focus on one object in the room
  • Tutors break work down into manageable pieces
  • Information is presented in different ways e.g. using pictures or diagrams
  • Student's knowledge is tested, as opposed to their attention
  • Lessons are structured appropriately, based on the student's needs

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