Physical Health Challenges

While not necessarily a special educational need, physical impairments and medical conditions can affect a student’s ability to attend school regularly, or cause them to miss lessons due to circumstances such as medical appointments. In these cases, supplementary tutoring is very helpful, whether the student is in school or has in place home-schooling arrangements.

Students suffering from these challenges may need to:

Under the Equalities Act (2010) schools will need to legally provide adjustments for the student. For these students, emotional support is very important for maintaining morale when there is an ongoing physical challenge.

Our tutors are made aware through their training to adjust their lessons to the student’s unique needs, as well as meeting the student with warmth and sensitivity, through the person-centred Bright Heart Approach.

How our tutors approach students with physical health challenges

Our tutors will adjust the lesson environment to make it easy for the student to learn. This may mean tutoring while the student is lying down or seated in a comfortable chair. Appropriate breaks and rests will be part of the lesson, as well as being mindful of concentration and the lesson pace. Laptops can also be considered in certain cases or more visual learning through videos. Our tutors will also be briefed beforehand on the preferences of the student. Self-esteem is often affected with these challenges and our tutors look to build rapport and confidence while being warm and understanding.